Teeth Whitening

Many people have discolored teeth for many different reasons. Yellowing teeth is a natural part of aging, and some people just have teeth that are not naturally as bright as others. Perhaps your teeth have yellowed due to certain medications, foods, or smoking. No matter the reason for your discolored teeth, we can help. At Blackrock Dental, we provide in-office whitening and also distribute the Nu Radiance teeth whitening system for a safe and quick solution to revitalize tarnished teeth.

A Safe Way to Brighten

Our team at Blackrock Dental cares for you, not just your teeth. That’s why we have chosen a whitening system that will keep your teeth feeling great and help provide more confidence in your smile. We provide Nu Radiance take home kits so that you can get a glowing smile on your own timeline. Nu Radiance is made up of a combination of chemicals that brighten your teeth and strengthen the enamel. You can even choose among multiple whitening strengths so that you can improve your smile as quickly as you would like to.

The Benefits of Brightening Your Smile

There could be a number of reasons your teeth are discolored, but you still deserve to feel great about your smile. Getting your teeth whitened can help you feel more confident in whatever situation you may find yourself in, whether meeting new acquaintances or potential business clients. Consider the advantages of using Nu Radiance:

  • Effective on tough stains, including Tetracycline stains
  • Quick results (most patients finish treatment in a week)
  • Multiple strengths for varying needs
  • Enjoyable mint flavor
  • Decreased sensitivity

Get Started

Take the next step toward improving your smile! Come see us at Blackrock Dental today. We will help determine if our whitening system will work best for you and provide the bright results you’ve been wanting.